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I would like to invite you join us for our training session and meet and greet at the park. Included, you will receive a complimentary training session with your dog. This will be a great opportunity to socialize your dog as well as discuss your goals and develop the best training program for both you and your dog. Together as a team, we will work to accomplish your goals.

Ted Bellmyer

"Your dream dog is at the end of your leash" Ted Bellmyer

I have always had a desire to work with dogs. They have been in my life since I was an infant. I was first introduced to dog training as a child by a neighbor who trained Standard Poodles for AKC obedience and show ring. From working with him, I learned to understand how to gain respect and control of your dog. I used these techniques with my own dogs as I grew older, teaching them tricks and obedience. In 5th grade I took my rescue dog to school and did a demonstration in front of the class; an original routine that was a big hit!! At some some point I fell in love with the German Shepherd breed and its work ethic. Now I am a competitive trainer in a sport that emphasizes the dog's natural work ability. Through educational seminars and workshops I'm always improving my training techniques. As a trainer, I strive to teach new positive training skills for you to pass through the leash. It is my goal to help you improve your training techniques and communication skills with your dog. You can have the dog that you've always wanted and I am here to help.

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